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Default Re: One of those 'Wat'cha Listenin' To?' threads.

Originally Posted by lunachick
Originally Posted by HighOnHotSauce
I managed to get my hands on the Jaco Pastorius anthology which is a two CD set. It has "stuff' on it from when he played with Pat Metheny and as a member of Weather Report as well as some home recordings and live solo material. In case your wondering, Jaco is considered to have been one of "the" most talented jazz bassists of all time.
Indeed. :yup:

Sadly, he died penniless - beaten to death in the gutter. :(
His demise was quite tragic indeed. It seems as though he had some really deeply rooted psychological problems that lead him to an unhealthy place in life. According to most of what I've read, Pastorius was “getting himself together” when that douche bag bouncer beat him into a coma. Some “alpha male jack-off” (borrowing a phrase from the master George Carlin) ultimately killed a fine creative individual whose equal in the world of jazz bass has yet to be heard.
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