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Default Re: Vive la Resistance! aka non-Trump US politics

Originally Posted by Watser? View Post
Seriously? You don't read your own crap either?
God, you really are shit at this. Like, laughably awful.

"yOu dOn'T ReAd YoUr oWn cRaP EiTheR?"

I guess I needed to keep embedding all the layers so you could keep track of who actually said what, since you apparently can't keep shit straight on your own.
YOU are the one who called Assad and Putin 'bad guys'.
Let's see...
Originally Posted by erimir View Post
(Meanwhile, who's constantly defending Assad and Putin? Not me :chin:)
Originally Posted by Watser? View Post
That's funny, you are such a fucking idiot you actually think that Assad and Putin are the bad guys in Syria.
Emphasis mine.

Would you like to try again? This time perhaps you would like to read your own crap before saying some new stupid shit?
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