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Default Re: Do NOT skip your yearly check-ups ...

You jest ... but.

I and a few others have been complaining about the poor quality of the cafeteria food for some time now. And since my episode, we've stepped up our criticism and strongly suggested that they might try to improve the quality of the food -- or at least provide some decent alternatives. You know, fresh fruit, vegetables that haven't been cooked -- in margarine -- until they've lost every bit of flavor. For that matter, some vegetables other than potatoes. The option to maybe make a salad.

To no avail. The Food Committee has completely ignored us. [Maybe I shouldn't be surprised; the head of the Food Committee doesn't eat in the cafeteria; neither does the College President.] Apparently, feeding the faculty and students heavily-salted, heavily-sugared, heavily-processed, low-quality crap is a lot cheaper than providing decent food. Go figure.
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