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Originally Posted by Dingfod
Peace on Earth and mercy mild, but not in Loma Linda development near Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Homeowners Association President threatens to fine homeowner $25 a day if they don't remove the peace sign Xmas wreath from their house, saying that other homeowners have complained that it is anti-Iraq War or a symbol of Satan. [Who could've made her put up that sign? Could it be... Could it be... SATAN!]

The Homeowners Association President in question, Bob Kearns, fired the four member architectural committee because they earlier ruled the wreath to be a seasonal decoration. Talk about your petty dictators.

For now, homeowner Lisa Jensen is not taking it down.
Couple getting national support.

The homeowners and the wreath in question:

Homeowner's association board apologizes and withdraws threat to fine them $25 a day.

Totally caved.
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