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From that article in stonekettle station:
HannahApril 20, 2017 at 9:54 PM

Cheers Timothy Troy, I hope you're right. Glen and Scorpio - I imagine there are many discussions like this amongst the high military. On a chat I frequent there is a US guy who was involved in bombing Germany very near the end of WW11. He has told the story, more than once, of the whole plane crew deciding it would not drop any bombs on their last run. I can't remember the name of the city but it started with 'A'.

He said, when they landed back on American soil, that many of the other plane crews had said the same, that they just didn't have the stomach to carry on bombing.

High up military do not tend to be stupid these days, I wonder if they have already found many paperwork and other subtle ways of managing to NOT hear orders in time. It's fascinating (to me) that the ships were going in the opposite direction to the one Trump imagined. It gave me a gleam of hope.
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