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Dreams over the last week:

1. I dreamed I was a young teen that lived with my family in a farmhouse. In a ravine in the pasture across the road from the house, my friends and I were building a Mars mission rocketship, from making solid fuel rocket boosters out of 55 gallon drums and testing them, using bathroom scales and lever and fulcrum to determine thrust in pounds, calculating how many of them it would take to reach escape velocity, etc. It seem to be a long elaborate dream. Just before we were to take off, my alarm went off, interrupting the dream. I punched snooze, hoping to continue the dream. I did, only it went in a different direction, with some older teenagers finding the rocketship and flipping switches, causing it to ignite only one rocket motor, which knocked the whole thing on its side, catching it on fire. These saboteurs ran off just as the thing exploded in a spectacular worthy of any fireworks display finale. Then my alarm went off again.

2. I dreamed I was an assistant producer of and minor part actor in a television series called "Davy", an action-adventure-sci-fi-historical-detective show featuring a time warped Davy Crockett of Alamo fame. This Davy was closer to Billy Bob Thornton's David Crockett than Fess Parker's Davy, though tall and lanky like Parker. Davy stepped through a door frame, Kentucky long rifle in one hand, Jim Bowie's big knife in the other, ready to slash Santa Ana's Mexican Regulars, but found himself in modern-day times. The bad part of the dream, Davy is played by the real time traveling David Crockett, and as assistant producer, I am responsible for him. In the premier episode, Davy flees the Alamo and San Antonio for the woods, where he is most comfortable. My character is in his yard in a rural suburb pitching golf balls into a corner of the yard near the woods. Camera angle switches, Davy, using his Kentucky long rifle musket like a golf club, pitches a human foot right into the middle of the group of golf balls. The foot was charred, with jagged edges where it was severed with bones sticking out a few inches, it looked like it had been blown off in an explosion. The police are called in, they scour the woods for more body parts but find none. Davy and I are taken in for questioning. Davy tells of his time warp experience in the Alamo, but they are having none of that. I believe him. Davy goes on to solve this mystery in his brash backwoods folksy way. Every time I woke up and rolled over, the dream continued with more episodes, more mysteries, more Davy Crockett wit and wisdom. It actually was a fitful night. Davy was always getting into trouble, like one time putting whiskey from a hip flask into the bottle of a baby that wouldn't quit crying, which is actually an old-time remedy for colicky babies. I don't recollect the solution to the mysteries in any of the episodes.

3. I dreamed we all were told aliens from another planet had taken over, that we had to go to work on their schedule, which was however long they felt like we could last for as many days as they wanted us to. Pay? Dream on, earthling, you're lucky we're letting you live. The weird part was nobody ever saw any aliens nor any spaceships, this is just what we were told we had to do. There was no choice, resist and be arrested and turned over to the mysterious invisible aliens. Many came up with their own ways of resisting without drawing too much attention. Supposedly they could monitor all broadcast and internet signals, so they knew what we were up to. They could not monitor hard-wired phones and microwave networks though, but just in case they could, we came up with coded messages to coordinate the subtle resistance, such as running pipeline pressures so low industrial production went off line. Aliens, nor the government doing their dirty work, understood any of this, they just thought humans were incompetent. Over time, we brought society to a near standstill. The people became more and more restless, began taking to the streets to protest their new alien overlords and their capricious new rules, and that they couldn't go down to the corner store and buy any beer. The government troops tried vainly to control the crowds, but were overwhelmed. During all this, there was a nagging fear of being turned over to the aliens for who knows what. But on and on it went, and no aliens, no spaceships. Weird dream.
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