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Last night I awakened several times upset and worried out of my head about dreams I can only remember bits and pieces of. The order, as best as I can remember:

Something is wrong with my mother. I'm crying. We're in a house that is my parents' house, but not. I am afraid that she is dying. I don't know why. I sort of have the impression that it is the future, and she is very old, but she does not look it.

We're in a zoo, but no zoo I have ever been in, walking on a sort spiral wooden ramp surrounding a huge central pillar where there are restrooms, food vendors, etc. The trees around us are home to monkeys and bats. There are also animatronic bats flitting around on black strings for some reason. My brother, who is younger than he should be, climbs into the trees, which are revealed to be fake, and knocks down several of them. In the confusion, my other brother is lost.

I am back in the house that is and is not my parents' house. I know that it is in California. My father is building something out back. I know that he and my mother have divorced. He will not speak to me. The outside of the house is graying wood and peeling white paint. We are startled by noises. It is suddenly night. Doc Brown has hitched a Uhaul trailer to the back of his DeLorean and, behind that, a second trailer with tubes containing some sort of radioactive gas. The second trailer breaks. Doc has anticipated this, and has prepared to harness a lightning bolt as a backup measure. He jumps through time as we watch. I am confused that he needed the tubes and the lightning when he has Mr. Fusion.

I am in a high school. It is the past. My mother attends school here, and she is in trouble. There is a cop or a security guard or something who is trying to have hger arrested or expelled or something. I follow him. There is a pool, finished in small, faded blue tiles. I am crying. A friend is with me. Outside on the roof, the sky is pale blue summer doldrum, and the sheds, towers, and whatnot that for some reason cover the roof, are all graying wood and peeling white paint. I climb a rickety staircase to a sort of lookout tower. There is an office. I follow the cop/guard down another staircase. As he descends, another group of officials ascend from an entrance into the school below. He is arguing with them about my mother. When he sees me, he tries to discard his ID, but I run after him and retrieve it.

I am riding in a car, on country roads. A friend, a different one from before, is driving. We retrieve something from a house that I know to belong to the cop/guard. A dog chases us. I cannot get the passenger door shut. We come to an intersection and I tell my friend that this has happened before, and that we went left and died. We turn right. The dog chases us for a while, over roads that are and are not the country roads near where I grew up. At one point, I slam his head in the passenger door. Eventually, exhausted, he stops at a farm house and I see the owner petting him.

I am driving in the mountains, on my way to meet friends. I am going to some place I have been before, but not in real life. It turns out that, although I thought I was headed for a resort, I am actually headed to an old ramshackle house on a hill. As I pull into my destination, I lose control of my Jeep and bump a doghouse, destroying it. The doghouse is being used to store old junk, not to house a dog. As I enter the main house, I recall that I am actually there for a job interview. The walls are cinder blocks, painted white, with exposed pipes. Billy Bob Thorton is interviewing me. I realize that Billy Bob is playing the role of my SO's boss. I no longer want the job. Now I want to humiliate Billy Bob in retaliation for the shit he has made my SO deal with. She walks in, but it is not her, it is an ex from years ago. I'm crying again.
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