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Default Re: What the liberal media don't tell you: Most REAL economists oppose Net Neutrality

Originally Posted by The Man View Post
Originally Posted by AynMisesLibertarian View Post
Originally Posted by Watser? View Post
Who are these liberal media that people keep talking about?
the same liberal media that got Trump elected by pushing the idea that the only reason to be against "the most prepared politician ever" is being a misogynist
Would this be the same liberal media that ran the above-the-fold page A1 stories about Hillary's emails on the same day 10 days before the election
Hey now, leftists and libertarians and conservatives are all in agreement that there was nothing wrong with the New York Times's treatment of that story. It's just you Hillary cultists who think they should just not have covered that story at all!

Now run along and worship your #Resistance hero Bill Kristol, you Pétainist.

Also, AML, you owe us €200 :kicken:
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