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Default Re: and in fourth place: everyone else!

Originally Posted by Corona688 View Post
Originally Posted by Kamilah Hauptmann View Post
And your son runs into a bully some day, odds are it's he who will be the one who knows some karate. I mean, I hope he never has to kick another kid's ass, but it's there if he needs it.
I tried learning karate to deal with bullies. Attending karate class to find the exact same bully in it... Fuck that shit. Fuck school. Just do your grades and get out as fast as possible into a sane world where violence is punishable by law.
All the Karate Kid flashbacks aside, Zezoze didn't drop an indication that's a problem with his son's case. But I hear you, I had the same fun in karate as a kid, but stuck with it harder. Shoulda kept with it after we moved.
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