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Default Re: and in fourth place: everyone else!

Originally Posted by ZEZOZE View Post
Zeke is interested in karate because he thinks it's cool. i think it's the same part of him that gets him digging on knives and swords- we're both big Forged in Fire fans.

given some of his interests, he's lucky he doesn't have problems with bullies, but he does seem socially skilled and a bit ahead when it comes to maturity. plus he's damn gorgeous.

here are a couple of recent pics of Mr Fourth Place. the one with me was at a Billy Talent concert we attended with his mother. i kept telling him to look at the guitar player and then the crowd and then i'd yell over the music with a big grin, "That's Power!" :D

Good looking boy, the long hair threw me for a second but I shouldn't talk, my hair is longer than my wife's. When my grandson was born I was taking care of him and would take him along with me wherever I went. He had curly blond hair all around his face for the first year or more people were constantly telling me what a beautiful little girl I had, and then I would correct them and tell them he was a boy. After his first haircut at about 18 months his hair grew back in straight and hasn't been curly since.
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