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Default Re: Getting good ideas from irredeemable assholes, or should I try meditation?

Originally Posted by thedoc View Post
A man was drivng, had a flat tire, and stopped in front of an assylum to change the tire. While he was working an inmate stoped to watch throught the fence. At one point he had placed the lug nuts on the edge of a culvert and accadently knocked them off through a grate and into the water below. He sat down wondering what he should do and considered that if he called a tow truck he would be really late. The inmate spoke up and said, "Why don't you take one lug nut off the other wheels to hold this one on, it would get you to a garrage where you could get some more." The man looked up, surprised and asked, "How did you figure that out?" The inmate replied "I'm in here because I'm crazy, not stupid."
I'm using this as evidence that PWI is a bad idea.
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