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Default Re: More blithe racism

Originally Posted by Stormlight View Post
Left of what, exactly? Hitler?
Really. I only wish we were Left of Hitler - maybe then our social programs would get a fair nod, rather than constant reductions. How many teachers in the Detroit area alone have lost their jobs this year? How many people are still uninsured? How many working people are still not getting enough food?

Maybe Afghanistan would not now be being re-invaded, but for real this time because we didn't "get it right" last time, and Pakistanis would not be being bombed.

Maybe we'd have a reinstatement of civil rights, and the idea of detaining people indefinitely without trial or access to legal counsel would not be "acceptable".

Please - policy - foreign and domestic - has been moving consistently to the right for decades now - regardless of whether a Dem or Rep has had control - in fact, under the supposedly leftist Dem Party we have seen some of the sharpest lurches to the right. The Dem Party had control of the Congress when Bush was given war powers, Clinton oversaw welfare "reform", and Obama lobbied hard pre-election for TARP and has required massive concessions by labor as a condition for any kind of "help" for the auto industry.

As for leftist media - the NYT - supposed bastion of liberal hoohah was responsible for funneling the White House Line (hey, Scooter Libby, meet Judith miller!) on Iraq to the general public. This was not the first time they'd acted as mouthpiece for the White House, either. They also have a consistent editorial slant against any kind of strike (for example, the New York Transit Workers' strike in 2005 - which had massive public support as demonstrated by the letters run in their very paper), any kind of gain by the workers in general.

Obama a socialist? Oh, please. You wish.
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