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Default Re: Coulson Watches You While You Sleep

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
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I couldn't watch last night because there were too many people logged into my niece's Netflix account.
Wrong thread.
When I complained to my niece about it, I actually told her that it was the definition of a First World Problem.

Also, I've seen more than half the season now and I'm loving it. I've been musing on this today and I think what I like most about the Netflix Marvel series is how they are as much or more about the sidekicks journeys than the heroes. I love the way Claire has built and been brought into this world over three shows. She's gone from reluctant helper to deciding she wants this to be her mission, but gradually so it makes sense. And her conversation with Malcolm in Jessica Jones about their place in the scheme of things was one of my favorite scenes in the series. And Foggy is a far more interesting character than Matt in Daredevil, if you ask me. I hope they continue to treat these characters well, unlike the WB shows tending to forget what makes their sidekicks interesting.
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