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Donald Trump’s First Year Set a Record for Use of Special Operations Forces | The Nation

It's a good thing the president isn't interested in gallivanting abroad in search of dragons. He is a non-interventionist.

Hopefully, we can have some better reasoning on the left on these issues than we got in 2016. Just saying you voted against invading Iraq/were opposed to it (but not in Congress) is not a coherent foreign policy, and it won't necessarily make a difference in addressing this sort of militarism. Unfortunately, I'm not optimistic since Americans in general seem to like the militarism. Cutting the military to pay for useful programs doesn't seem like it will get much favor in the population.

A thought I've had, since I did research that was funded by DARPA but which was not obviously military-related and could easily have been funded by NSF, say. One strategy that can be used is funneling money to non-military research and infrastructure and calling it that. And then maybe later, perhaps, reorganizing?

Similar to the GOP starve-the-beast approach of cutting taxes, wailing about the deficit, and then cutting spending. Convert military spending into science and infrastructure spending, and then later say oh, this spending isn't being cut, just recategorized.
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