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Default Should the West declare war on the Ukraine?

Should the West declare war on the Ukraine?

Many see a problem with the situation in the Ukraine. I see a great opportunity.

The Ukraine is strategically placed as the southernmost state of what is looking like the natural divide between the cool north and hot south. More importantly, it is shaping up to be a cultural divide between left wing governance/democracy, as compared to Sharia and a more right wing version of Christianity.

Putin is wise in pressuring the Ukraine to push to join the north. I just think it should be our north and not his as that would improve the rapprochement of Putin and Trump. Both dealmakers, --- and one just as crooked as the other, --- and both twisted in their own lovable way.

It will be nice for the economy of the world to have Glasnost again. Happy days are here again.

As a Canadian, I am optimistic about how the world is shaping up.

WWIII will be north against south, cold against hot, in global warming terms, and since the Ukraine was moving to the political west anyway, they should not really put up a huge fight. I see a Western war against the Ukraine to be bloodless as they too will profit from the overall Western rapprochement.

A non-hostile takeover, so to speak, that will create a lot of new millionaires. They are quite good for the economy and I prefer to see the Ukraine build things with the Russians, now friends, instead of killing each other.

I think the West should declare war on the Ukraine ASAP. Hold the Ukraine, --- like it or not, --- as a new and prosperous Hong Kong.

The West should agree.

Do you?

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