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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Sure even Trump admitted he's born in the US, and yet Trump was still elected. Getting Trump to say, once, that the Birth Certificate was real didn't actually accomplish anything.
In fact, he turned the whole goddamn thing on its head. That press conference was, for me, one of the biggest jaw-droppers of the whole campaign. He gathered reporters from every major news outlet, announced that Clinton started the birther movement in 2007-08, and trumpeted the "fact" that his efforts in getting Obama to release his long form birth certificate put the issue to rest and exposed the Clinton-created birther movement as bogus.


Well, at least art is flourishing under the Trump administration. Witness this really cool painting that hangs in the White House, featuring Trump keeping company with Ronald Reagan, both Bushes, Tricky Dick, Dwight Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and, of course, Abraham Lincoln.

The truly amazing aspect of this story is that the painting was not the work of that Jon McNaughton clown.
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