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Default Re: A revolution in thought

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What is so revolutionary is the fact that this law of our nature has the power to prevent war, crime, and hatred between men when applied on a global scale.
If it has to be understood and applied, is it really a "law of our nature"? How would one go about "applying" it to others? What if someone doesn't want to apply it?
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I read the pages you suggested peacegirl. So, now can we discuss your thoughts on it? Obviously you are seeing something really profound, to have spent so much time compiling and editing and promoting.
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None, because this discovery has not been studied by scientists that could confirm its validity.
I did not find any testable hypotheses in the first 2 chapters. It's very much a philosophical, and somewhat theological, piece, not a scientific one.

What kind of tests are you imagining could be done?
Please answer these questions to the best of your ability from your understanding of the principles.
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