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Default Re: Bend Over, Facebook is Back

Delete Facebook and Google, for a start. Not your accounts. The whole things. rm -rf Sue the credit reporting agencies for all the blatant, knowing and willing libel resulting in clear, provable monetary damages every day. (I literally don't understand how this has not already happened.)

Really, though, the US needs to pass strict privacy rules. Not just the super-narrow ones being proposed right now, but serious ones that make your personal information--all of it--your property, and that makes it illegal under threat of serious toothy punishment to share it without consent except in a few very narrow capacities, mostly for the press and law enforcement. The GDPR is much better than the US laws being proposed so far, but I don't know enough about it to know for sure.

But everyone has to care what's happening in the US, because it's mostly US companies having the biggest influence.

China is being even creepier right now, though, too.
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