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Default Re: Bend Over, Facebook is Back

Alternately, make the information they've already collected a hot potato by criminalizing using it for anything and penalizing anyone caught trying to and providing victims of that a private right of action, and at the same time, make it unprofitable to covertly compile that information in the future. As long as there are only scattershot regulations, they're going to keep doing what they want and every now and again pay a fine for it. They get in trouble in Europe a lot already, which is where most of the information about their shadow profiles comes from. If, however, it were illegal and regularly penalized in the US AND Europe, they'd start complying.

So I dunno. I do think it's pretty unlikely, especially at this point, that any serious regulations would be passed, but I don't know that either. At least the media is finally paying some attention to it right now.
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