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Default Re: Another Mass Shooting

There was a school shooting down the street from here a year or so ago. The kid left at lunch, came back and shot the principal and vice-principal (killing her), then left and shot himself later. He used his dad's police service weapon. Dad is/was a policeman working the night shift. I never made the national news because it was low volume.

There was a school bond issue that included security upgrades for the schools, but it was rejected because it included $25 million for artificial turf for all the school football fields.

The newer schools lock down automatically after the bell rings and all people have to go through a single double door system where you are buzzed in by staff watching you by camera. In this case, they would have alerted the school police officer, and depending on the glass used, possibly buzzed the guy into the double door area and locked him in there.

Cameras everywhere. The elementary schools only have a single door buzz in camera system. But you can't even see anyone to shoot at until you get through buzzed in. The whole system still wouldn't work well for a concelled handgun.
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