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Default Re: Health and Fitness Track, 2017

At my most bortly size, I was at least 280. Likely, even closer to 300. A few months after I started the punishing laborious jerb I have, bad eating habits and all, I think I leveled off at around 245. After being attacked by mine own skin - or whatever - and changing my dietary habits, I dropped even more weight.

All I did was watch the carbs and sugars. First to go, obviously, was the fast food runs and p much anything deep fried. Then regular potatoes of all stripes. No more crackers or chips, tortilla or otherwise. (I STILL LOVE YOU SALSA. PLEASE DON'T BE MAD AT ME. :mourn: ) That helped me get down to between 210 and 220.

My most recent concession to the diet overlord was beans. I think even that little bit of carb leftover has given me reason to crow about further weight loss. Yesterday I checked and the number was as low as I've seen in a long time - not just years but decades. 203.

As good as monitoring that one number is, it's just one number and it only tells one little bit of a larger tale. I've been waiting until all itchy spots have been gone for a while before getting the better picture of what's going on inside. Tangential health update, I've had a wandering rash - very small spots - of one type or other since the whole thing started. Just a spot that simply would not go away until I wasted some prescription cream on it for a few days to a week. Last Saturday, I think, was the last time I opened that jar. I don't think that is completely over but hopefully it's over enough.

Other than eating right and working myself to death, I'm not doing anything especial for my health.

My breakfasts consist of coffee and maybe a banana. Lunches are pre-prepped on Sundees and currently, it's ground turkey (~4oz), babby spinach (~30g), carrots (60g) and broccoli (60g). Dinner is usually two cheesy tortillas (mission brand whole grain low carb) and some snack.

Beverages include water, sugar-free sports drinks (poweraid zero and little fizzy tablets "nuun"), coffee w/ milk and sucralose or iced tea. Sometimes, a diet soda slips in but I can hardly drink those anymore. They're too heavy or something.

That's where I've been and where I am.

I don't know that I miss any one food in particular. Sometimes the meal of chips and salsa is lamented. Most, though, I'd say it's the convenience of eating whatever whenever and as much of it as I want - or could shove down the gullet.
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