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Default Re: Health and Fitness Track, 2017

Originally Posted by Kamilah Hauptmann View Post
Random related: I'm big into walking my Pokemon around for fitness these months, getting some 15K steps some days. I've some new (expensive! O.O) shoes from Joya, will report back after a few solid long walks.
Solid walks not possible yet as the new shoes have taken much of the skin off the back of my right heel. This is not unusual for a new pair of shoes and always the right side, I land hard on that heel.

But about the shoes, they're shock absorbing shoes that feel a bit like walking on soft peaty earth while walking. They lack a sense of certainty with each step and when stopping my big toes have been getting a bit more work out than to which they are accustomed from the additional rocking back and forth.

My spouse also got a pair, and she's famously clumsy on her feet and has the sense of balance of a drunk toddler on roller skates, but even she's been fine with the weirdness.

Great shock absorbers.
Takes a bit of anticipation when on uneven terrain as they'll rock side to side or forward and back.
If you have great ankles, these will protect your knees.
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