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HA! Ziggurats were made out of mud bricks. And before anyone starts on about the so-called "Parthian Battery", I've lived in Ctesiphon, the place was crawling with Zoroasters- I mean it was the official religion and shit- and I never saw anyone using electricity to coat stuff with gold, power their lap-top, or anything else.

Granted the ziggurats did get hit by lightning more often, being tall structures. Priests usually got off the top when it was lightningy. And I can only vouch for when they were built, not retrofitting and stuff. I wasn't allowed in the finished structures, generally. AND NOT BECAUSE I AM AMAZINGLY MUSCULAR- just it was priests only. I'm not clumsy. I am graceful like a graceful thing. Crap now I suddenly can't think of graceful things to compare myself to. A jaguar?
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