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Default Re: Iffy therapies given thumbs up by the FDA. SCARY! I'm

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Most of the information given by doctors tells the patient lies.

It is more like 20 to 30%, not 5% of dissatisfied patients who only wished they were given the true risks involved.

Scary considering these are our only set of eyes. The results cannot be undone.
The lies usually start with the patient, like your grandmother who lied to the doctor to get a prescription that she didn't need, and dumped down the drain when she got it. A doctor can only diagnose a patient by what he can see and what the patient tells him, if the patient is lying, the diagnosis will be wrong. I have yet to get a procedure where I wasn't painstakingly informed of the risks along with the benefits, and the information always checked out when compared with reliable sources.

Just curious, where did you get the statistics, was it one of your anti-medicine web sites?

This is probably wrong, the body has an amazing ability to heal. When My wife had back surgery, she went to a surgeon who specialized in fixing what other surgeons had done wrong. And now they are developing eye transplants, so if the worst happens, the eye can be replaced.
The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you donít know anything about. Wayne Dyer
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