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Default Re: A revolution in thought

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This is my payback to you David for being an all time jerk! :D
Thou shall not blame, peacegirl. Thou shall not blame.
You are incredibly ignorant when it comes to this book. You did not study the principles or you would never say this. Every time you tell me "Thou Shall Not Blame," it's a dead giveaway that you don't understand the first thing. :kookoo:
peacegirl, I am the True Steward of the Authentic Text. I reject your Corrupted Text. I interpret the Authentic Text as written by the Author and published in his lifetime.

As you blamefully discard that basic corollary, that slide rule, that magic elixir, if you will - THOU SHALL NOT BLAME - it is a hurt to the Authentic Text, but I cannot blame you for it, because I allow for the source. peacegirl, can you even explain the Boohog Corollary in your own words? What is the Grass on the Field Axiom? If you can't answer these basic questions on the Authentic Text, that shows that you are a Corrupting fraud!! It is my hope that one day you will cease your Corrupting ways, and will return to the light of the Authentic Text, and thereby transmute the baser metals of your blameful nature into the pure gold of the Golden Age.

Yes, that is true but only under certain conditions. You are isolating that one comment and taking it out of context. No wonder you understand nothing. :sadcheer:
"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." George Orwell

"The fatal tendency of mankind to leave off thinking about a thing
which is no longer doubtful is the cause of half their errors" -- John Stuart Mill
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