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Originally Posted by The Lone Ranger View Post
Harrison Ford's charm
I don't think Ford gets enough credit for being able to bring life and charm to a character, and I know he already gets quite a lot of credit for that, but take Indiana Jones, omg they are bad, still campy fun, but really oh so bad. Almost everything really good about them is brought by Ford embodying the character.

Really the whole cast should get more credit, Luke was played as a whiney bland blank slate, which while that might get panned today and is way overdone (like ready player one) it was perfect for a first jump into big screen realistic sci-fi as practically everyone could insert themselves into his role, combined with the realistic not-on-a-string special effects and there was little to take the audience out of this journey as happening specifically to them. Leia is a badass, but not because the script tells us this, or have her literally tell the audience how badass she is, but because of the way Fisher plays her. She's played like a princess who has experience ruling. The way she stands up to vader even though she's his captive. The way her banter and annoyance with Luke and Han isn't to prove that she's actually a tough girl but out of clear frustration with these peasants trying to show off their fake bravado when she's used to dealing with real experts, real leaders and real military. So much of that is from performance, not lines of dialog.

I might argue that some of the hate for the recent star wars is because of so many years of self insertion fan fic, many fans can't quite handle characters that have real characterization and real histories. The many complaints about "that's not what Luke would do" feel more like they really mean "That's not what I, self inserted into Luke, want the story to go." The idea that Luke could have had a hard, rocky, different life than how they imagined it going for themselves if they were in his shoes just doesn't compute after years of seeing themselves as the Luke character.
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