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Default Re: Return to Gender 101

Jim is doing it… erm. right. Sorry.*

*I was trying to avoid the obvious pun on his name, as it seems too flippant for a post on this subject, but any other wording just came off as awkward.

ETA: also, this thread:

Trigger warning for sexual violence, obviously, but go read it all. It’s worth it, albeit horrifying.

…added, I should note that whenever I see someone respond to stories like this with something along the lines of “all men need to be worried”, I take that as a confession of some sort of sexual misconduct.

…and also, I largely agree with Campos on this point, though I’m not certain I agree on all his specific details. In any case, Aziz Ansari is still employed by Netflix, while Kevin Spacey isn’t, which should immediately end any argument that all #MeToo claims are being treated the same way regardless of severity.
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