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Default Re: Miscellany

Gender is such a deeply fundamental construct, people honestly don't even know how to relate to someone without gender identity. Even beyond the obvious pronoun issue.

The most lulzy and hilarious aspect to the hostile responses to me is the gender essentialists who say that gender is so hardwired that ignoring it is ignoring some very fundamental aspect of that babby's humanity.

Because if it's such a fundamental and hardwired thing, you'd think they'd be able to tell without asking and policing about it all the time.

When TLM was a babby, people thought he was a girl all the time, and I guess a couple of times I was a little slow to correct them (like, "What's her name?" "The Little Muffin," "But that's a BOY'S NAME!" "Oh, she is a boy"). They'd get all agitated, like they'd made some horrible mistake to call a boy 'she' or something. I'd always sorta wonder why they were so flabbergasted over it. I mean, it's not like they were going to have sex with that lady baby and only narrowly escaped an awkward situation. He didn't care. I didn't care. Why did they?
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