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Default Re: Another Mass Shooting

Fer Fucks Sake.

Originally Posted by The Man View Post
Right To Own Handheld Device That Shoots Deadly Metal Pellets At High Speed Worth All Of This | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

I do think, though, that gun control (which I actually have a rather moderate stance on) is a lesser issue than the elephant in the room, which no one seems willing to address: Our dismal mental health care system. It's actually not true that the mentally ill are more likely to attack others (they're also more likely to be attacked than they are to attack others, by a fairly substantial margin). But the simple fact is that well-adjusted people do not generally go on killing sprees, and if we actually did a good job getting people the help they needed when they needed it, things like this would probably be a much less frequent occurrence.

More to come later, possibly; I have to leave for dinner right now.
Mental illness occurs in every country. And sometimes the mentally ill in other countries go on a rampage as well. Guess the one minor difference between the US rampage and the Chinese one.

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