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Default Re: What's for Dinner?

Can I come live with you, Rev?

Or, wait. Why don't you and liv get married and adopt me?

In the meantime, this is my experiment of the day:

Puerco Pibil This is basically the recipe I'm using, from the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD. Except I'm going to serve it kind of like enchiladas instead, with, like, cheese and onions and stuff. Hmm. Maybe I should make cilantro rice, too. I guess I'd better hurry up and decide.

And I went to the Asian market this morning to get the banana leaves, and they'd just gotten in fresh lychee, so I bought a bag of those, forgetting that I already had some giant melon of some sort, and a whole flat of mangoes, in addition to the usual apples and bananas.

So I am chopping up all this fruit, too, so I can make everyone eat it before it rots, and I'm probably going to make yogurt tonight so we can have mango lassis in the morning. How glamorous would mango lassis for breakfast be? Way glamorous is how.
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