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Default Re: A revolution in thought

Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
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I see you went mysterious drive-by elsewhere. Any reason we should not assume this is some kind of woo-woo spam?

A Revolution in Thought you sent those participants here for some reason
Philosophy | University of Northern Colorado - New Discovery
And there, the .pdf is revealed!

Decline and Fall of All Evil: The Most Important Discovery of Our Times (.pdf)

That's quite a title
Ladyshea, I am not sure why you are reacting this way not knowing anything about me or this knowledge, unless you just happen to be a very bitter individual.
Let's just say I've been around the block a few times with opportunistic pseudoscience pushers looking to profit as well as True Believers in Revolutionary Ideas That Will Change the World! and I don't much care for either.
I really don't care if you care or not. You are too angry for me to even communicate with you.

Originally Posted by LadyShea
Your Internet history indicates you might be a True Believer, but your reluctance to present and discuss the Revolutionary Idea openly or on your own indicates either an agenda, or ignorance of the subject matter.
My internet history is more of a reflection of the understandable skepticism that is a protective mechanism due to all the phoney claims that are out there. It has nothing to do with me or this book.

Originally Posted by LadyShea
That you haven't managed, in several years, to create a website or blog (at least I was unable to find one) to put the book on for free indicates I don't even know what. Are you still sending readers to someone else's forum to read the book? You don't need to seeing as how I did it for you now.
Your conclusions are completely off base. I haven't put up a website because I wasn't ready. That has nothing to do with anything.

Originally Posted by LadyShea
Can you simply start a thread topic in the Philosophy forum here at :ff: with a summary of the Revolutionary Idea regarding free will vs determinism and discuss it openly without requiring participants read the 500 page book? Is the idea so difficult to understand that it can't simply be explored and discussed between living humans?
No, I will not reduce the principles of this book. I am not requiring people to read the entire book, although it is incredibly interesting once they get through the first two chapters, which are fundamental.
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