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Default Re: What's for Dinner?

Originally Posted by Legs View Post
Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
We have a bunch of small amounts of vegetables--like one zucchini, half a cauliflower, two different little squashes, stuff like that--so all of those, roasted, plus garlic spaghetti.
You don't eat very much meat in your house, not too often have I seen you mention it.
We do sometimes, but Maturin had that huge heart attack this summer, and it's probably my fault for making him things like pot roasts and meatloaf, so I'm being mean to him and making him eat more vegetables and stuff like that now.

Plus, I was vegetarian when I was younger, and I didn't even learn to cook meat until I was a grownup, so I'm sort of going a little bit back to my old default, I guess.

Anyway, we had a big stupid carpet cleaner emergency tonight, and so I didn't make dinner at all. The roasted vegetables and garlic spaghetti is tomorrow.

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