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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks


I don't know why the terrible writing in this article annoys me, probably I am just grumpy this evening. This article popped up on my Google News whatsis, probably because of Franch. I started to read it and it was so awful that I assumed Google News had picked it up from one of those "write your own column and we will publish it" type content generator/aggregator things, but then I looked and it is actually from the AP.
The best and therefore richest footballers in France fled as fast as their sports cars would carry them, pockets stuffed with cash from hurriedly emptied bank accounts and trailing agents and tax lawyers gleefully rubbing their hands.
What? Jesus.
Quite a doomsday scenario, eh? Yet French football administrators, coaches and players say an exodus like this could become reality if the would-be next president of France levies his proposed new 75 percent salary tax on the super-rich. Basically, they are warning: If you take more of our money, we're off; goodbye, not au revoir.
Basically, :eyesbleed:
If alarmist warnings of a player exodus are true, France could be facing a fascinating debate if Socialist candidate Francois Hollande is elected president on May 6.
And if!
There's something of a champagne feel now at the Paris club's Parc des Princes, with the throaty roar of expensive cars filtering up from the stadium basement.

Ok, that is all for now.
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