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Default Re: Coulson Watches You While You Sleep

Some notes to try and look for the light at the other side of the tunnel: You should be used to Whedonish stuff by now, Adams. We have to endure some of the MacGuffin of the week episodes, holding on to whatever little arcing plots are scattered throughout. I'm hoping this is like the first season of Buffy - a few moments of potential mired in a lot of trying to find its footing, followed by a couple of seasons of excellence.

Though my faith in the prophet Whedon was tarnished a bit (okay, a lot) by Dollhouse, playing in the MCU is really something he can be great at. Nobody has said anything (in what little I actually read about the goings on off-screen) but I can't help but think despite his golden ticket performance of the Avengers, it's entirely possible the PTB of Disney/ABC are keeping him on a medium leash.

But then, I could just be looking to make excuses on why this thing that should be balls out awesome is only just okay. I wanted to believe that I didn't have much in the way of expectations here, but I may have distorted expectations because of how great I think the Marvel Studios have been converting comics to the big screen. Also, the big wanting of Whedon back on TV, hoping for the lightning of Buffy/Angel/Firefly to strike again.
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