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Default Re: Trumphole starts another fucking fire

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Please spare me your insipid sanctimony. No nation that has done so many wrongs to other nations -- including the Native American nation and the nations of Africa, whose people it systematically enslaved -- has any call to whine about someone else "hacking" its precious election -- an election that in any case is bought and paid for by the one percent. That is why we no longer have a labor party in the U.S. and why no politician any longer addresses the plight of the poor. We are a plutocracy and an oligarchy committed to to the interests of the wealthy.

Pro tip, Davieboy, intervening in other peopleís Democratic elections is fucking wrong. It was wrong when we did it and it is wrong when someone does it to us. I know you clearly find this confusing.

I, of course, have not run a tu quoque fallacy. I haven't said, "why are you complaining about Russian interference in the U.S. election, because we do it too?" It's perfectly fine to complain about Russian interference, though there is no empirical evidence that it swayed the election. It is massively hypocritical to complain about others doing what we do all the time. But pointing that out is not tu quoque. What I am suggesting is that people who complain about Russian interference in the election should acknowledge our own interference in the elections and internal politics of others, up to and including the use of violence; maybe if they did that, then their crocodile tears would be taken a bit more seriously.
So before I can complain about Russia fucking around with our elections I need to acknowledge our actions that were wrong.

Guess what, I fucking have, more than once. You just werenít sitting next to me when I did so.

Or do I need to ask for absolution any time I talk about Russiaís election interference?

But you arenít tu quoqueing


Thatís fucking rich.

You are just a pistol, DavieBoy
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