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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by erimir View Post
I could see McConnell using the threat of a filibuster to nix Carson, Perry or DeVos as nominees and get Trump to nominate other people, but eventually he would've eliminated it because McConnell has no problem with right-wing extremists per se. Those three are just embarrassingly incompetent and so McConnell probably would've preferred more competent ideologues.

There's no way he'd let, for example, Jeff Sessions be completely blocked by a filibuster. And Sessions is likely a candidate that could've attracted a Democratic filibuster. And if not Sessions, someone else would've. The filibuster would've been dead by April.
It was - The Senate changed the rules in April 2017 by a party-line vote to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, so they could approve Gorsuch. I have no idea why the Democrats didn't filibuster the rule change, but it wouldn't surprise me if McConnell pulled some trick to avoid it.
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