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The skin part I understand, but if my hair is individually thinner, it makes even less sense. I should clarify that it was not going in sideways, like it was sitting under a single thin layer of skin. It was stuck directly in the middle of my finger pad, like Excalibur. Or like a really long hair growing directly out of my finger, I guess.

And I pulled it out really carefully and slowly to avoid breaking it off in there, starting by gripping at the base so I saw how much came out. It may have been bent at some juncture, but at the penetration point, it went straight down into the fat part of my finger.

Here is an artist's rendition of what it looked like, where the teal section is my educated guess as to what it looked like on the inside of my finger, even allowing for a bend at some point.


Trust me, if this had been something relatively normal that I could rationalize with any confidence, I wouldn't have mentioned it at all, much less made a whole thread about it.

It was horrifying and I am going to be reliving it for the rest of my days.
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