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A couple nights ago, I watched the Hancock tower get sliced in two from a slowly falling broken piece of space station (the space station piece was scimitar-shaped). The top of the Hancock fell into lake Michigan, with the space station debris on top of it. I was about a mile or so away from it all.

I have started to ponder this sort of stuff a lot, looking for patterns and what could cause them from my waking life, and one of the most common events is that these catastrophes occur in slow motion, and involve enormous man-made structures.

You folks ever watch Thunderbirds? The "supermarionation" kids tv show? It also had improbably large craft, moving at impossibly slow speeds. I wonder if my unease when watching the show was the obvious physical impossibilites I was watching as large machines plodded through the air and turned on a dime. All my "large space object falling on cities" dreams are quite like that.
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