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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
When I dream, I'm often able to fly clumsily by sort of running in place and kicking at the air in a certain way. It's very tiring, so I can't do it for long, but I always seem to need to do it when I need to escape from something awful, or when I need to get somewhere quickly, so it's always a frustrating experience, and never a 'whoohoo! i can fly!' sort of thing.
When I fly in my dreams, it's never like Superman-type flying either.

It's like, I jump up, and then sort of will myself not to fall. And usually instead I sort of glide forward, but moving slowly downwards. Sometimes I spin around too.

Sometimes I try harder, and after doing the gliding thing for a little bit, I'm able to fly more normally. Although never really fast and superhero-like. But sometimes I work up to a decent speed.

Sometimes I have dreams where I'm flying about like that, getting on the tops of buildings and stuff, and either I'm trying hard not to be noticed just because, you know, I'm the world's only flying man, or there are people actively looking for me. One time I was doing that all about some building in an unknown city, based on the Cathedral of Learning (which I had seen when I visited the Univ. of Pittsburgh's linguistics program last year).
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