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The oil aspect has gotten lost in the sauce, at least in the popular press. I'm glad Avenatti has brought it back into the field of view. I think it's central to the whole saga, though, the germ of what Putin really wants out of his efforts. Here's sort of a bullet point list of what I think happened -

Exxon buys prospect land in Russia, a LOT of it. Russia allows it because they need Exxon's wherewithal to exploit the resource.

Sanctions are applied to Russia for Crimea/Ukraine, preventing Exxon from getting to the oil.

Someone suggests Tillerson, Ex-Exxon CEO, should head State, to facilitate dropping of sanctions and getting at the oil.

Unexpectedly, Tillerson turns out to possess a fair degree of integrity, and won't play ball with the slimey bastards.

Tillerson gets cashiered.

I remember writing about the 19% months ago, but I can't be bothered to look it up. Here's hoping the money trail to the Qutari gentlemen turns out to be an interesting one to follow.
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