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I know multiple people who use CBD oils and balms for Arthritis.

As pea mentioned, not all oils are created equal so getting from a trusted source is important. I’m not sure where many places are getting it from but in the cannabis plant it is often in an acid form that needs heating or processing to be bioactive. Brands more aware of the chemistry will give you a better result, since it’s not quite the same as essential oils.

For best results it’s best taken with milk or chocolate or something fatty as most the cannabinoids are lipid soluble and will more easily enter your body with some oils or fats. CBD also moderates how THC affects you so the crazy high 1000:1 CBD to THC ratio products shouldn’t provide much of a high effect in comparison to a closer ratio. This also means that while on CBD purposefully getting stoned on weed will be a bit harder and certainly different.

Having tried them, in my experience, 100% pure THC is a different high than 99.9% THC with 0.1%CBD, is a different high than 50% THC with 50% CBD, and is a different high from 1% THC with 99% CBD. While all but the last I would put in ‘being stoned’ they are different enough that a tailoring of ratios is clearly important to get the experience one wants out of these chemicals.

While it’s the new *it* drug, it is still indeed a drug and there are some counter indications when using it, like again my personal experience is that more than a small amount of CBD will cause me minor depression a few days later. (For others it may just help with depression, the science is still out on that). It does most likely interfere with certain psychiatric medications, so if you’re on other meds, double check before starting a constant regime.

The science currently points towards it indeed being a pain blocker and cannabinoids are most likely responsible for things such as the ‘runners high’ as well as other pain signal reduction previously all credited to the opioid system.
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