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Default Re: First World Problems

My wife works for the gubberment, and for years they were able to roll over all sick leave and vacation. They stopped the sick leave, but keep doing it with vacation. Since the general public thinks gubberment people making more than minimum wage is a sucky thing, they suppliment their low pay (by industry standards) with vacation and holidays like MLKJr. day, president's day, and other obscure Tuesdays off.

I make more than my wife but she has like 6 weeks a year off compared to my 3 weeks of non carryover PTO/sick time. I get one week of vacation, a couple of days around holidays to travel, and use the rest up with misc stuff like puking in the toilet when I feel bad. She takes a week of vacation with me, a week by herself, 2 days before and after major holidays, and then carries over a couple of weeks at the end of the year. If she feels bad, she uses sick leave and saves her 6 weeks of vacation time.

I change out my screen saver and pretend I'm off on vacation with the family during the summers.
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