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Default Re: Universal Renewable Energy: Suitable Substitute for Morning Sex?

Pretty cool, if you're into this sort of thing. Storing electricity from solar and wind is sort of a problem, batteries eventually wear out. Electrolysis would be great, splitting water into gases and then recombining them in a fuel cell, but it requires expensive catalysts. Here is a catalyst 1000 times cheaper than what we use now that works.

Discovery Opens Door to Efficiently Storing and Reusing Renewable Energy

Electrolyzer devices use catalysts to drive a chemical reaction that converts electricity into chemical energy by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen fuels. These fuels can then be stored and re-converted to electricity for use whenever wanted.
The only byproduct from such a 'green' energy system is water, which can be recycled through the system. To store and provide renewable power to a typical house would require an electrolyzer about the size of a beer fridge, containing a few litres of water and converting hydrogen to electricity with virtually no emissions, the researchers say.
Key to their discovery is that they deviated from conventional thinking about catalysts, which typically are made from rare, expensive and toxic metals in a crystalline structure.
Instead, Berlinguette and Trudel turned to simpler production methods for catalysts. This involved using abundant metal compounds or oxides (including iron oxide or 'rust') to create mixed metal oxide catalysts having a disordered or amorphous, structure.
Laboratory tests -- reported in their Science paper -- show their new catalysts perform as well or better than expensive catalysts now on the market, yet theirs cost 1,000 times less.
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