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Default Selling Jellystone: Liquidating Public Lands, These Guys Are Serious

I first caught wind of this about ten years ago. I think it came up while arguing about if T. Roosevelt was a communist, or some other dumb shit, with a liberturd. His involvement in National Parks brought up the suggestion that public lands are the government stealing from the people and that they should be sold. The thought of selling public lands was so foreign to me. It still is. I like the idea of having common national assets. I don't want a world where every square inch is under private ownership. It seems like a very constricted way to live.

At any rate, these people, who I would consider extremist, seem to feel the moment is as right as it's ever been to move on that idea. We have the efforts of Libertarian members of congress in league with Cliven Bundian type freeloaders and corporates and developers all slavering over the prospect. Seems like a good time to start a thread where to drag all of the those type things into.
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