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Default Gadgetry

I love gadgets. Not just electronic gizmos, but a fan of EDC (every day carry) and pocket tools.

While at work, I felt a bit awkward carrying larger pocket tools, but since I started working from home (and consequently being laid off because I was the only remote worker in the group), I started wearing a sheath with a Leatherman in it.

So that means, on any day, I have on me:
- an iPhone.
- a watch.
- a fitbit Flex.
- a Gerber Curve on my keychain.
- a Gerber Dime in my watch pocket
- a Leatherman sheath with,
- a Leatherman Juice S2
- a bit driver kit for the Juice.
- a Pocketwrench II

Sometimes, I have on or near about me
- a Nexus 7 Android tablet
- a small bound notebook.
- a mechanical pencil (usually an Alvin Draft Matic 0.9 mm)
- a decent pen (usually, it's the last pen I purchased at Disney, but I just lost it)
- a pocket organizer (used a lot when I was commuting to work) to manage cables, pens and sundries.

Yes, in general, I have 2 or more pocketknives on me at all times. Each one serves a slightly different purpose.

The Gerber Dime has been a really good "quick fix" tool. It works well enough for most simple uses like unscrewing a battery compartment or opening a beer. Plus it has this innovative tool for opening packages, and it fits in my pants watch pocket.

The Gerber Curve has locking tools, which is really the only reason I keep it on hand.

The Leatherman Juice S2 is the best small multitool I have ever owned. It's just big enough to do basic jobs, but small enough it fits into a pocket reasonably well. It's biggest missing feature: no locking blade.

The sheath is so I can carry the bit driver and the Pocketwrench II with it. The Pocketwrench II is an interesting thing. It's a 3.5 inch bar of stainless steel with a universal wrench at one end, a prybar/scraper/screwdriver on the other, a small metric ruler along one side, and an Imperial ruler along the other. There's also a hex hole for a hex bit driver, in case the Leatherman bit driver is too bulky and long, I guess.

I'd trade them all for one pocket sized multitool that has a locking blade, pliers, bottle opener, and a philips and standard screwdriver. I haven't found a good one yet.


All this is inspired by the fact that I needed a flashlight. I'm walking the dogs on our often dark road at night. I have a few flashlights, most of them are cheap things picked up at a hardware store for a few bucks. They work, but often not well or for very long.

I've come to praise the latest acquisition: a small LED flashlight - Fenix E12. I wasn't sure I'd like it. I was looking for a single AAA battery flashlight, and this one uses a AA. It's a little bit bigger than I was thinking I wanted. It also has 3 modes, low, medium and high, and it's all controlled through the button on back.

I think it'll work just fine. To turn on the light, you fully depress the button. To change the brightness, you "half click" it. The button is protected well enough by the sides that it's not easy to accidentally change the brightness. It's slightly smaller than the flashlight I'm currently using, but it's brighter with a better light distribution.

The only question is, will it last? The cheapo LED flashlight I currently use has actually lasted years with light use (I've only been using it daily since the fall and the long Pacific Northwest nights started.)

I'm actually excited about a flashlight. I'm such a fucking geek.

Any other gadget freaks out there?
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