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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

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Fair enough, peacegirl - you are not interested in trying. I didn't think you would be. You never have been before.

Anyway, peacegirl, getting back to your due diligence. Did you look for the EMA EPAR for Bexsero? Did you read it? What did it say? How does the actual content of the regulatory document comport with what your source says?
Her main concern in this article had to do with the high aluminum content given to infants, along with other ingredients not mentioned, such as e.coli.
By the way, peacegirl - this is a stupid and obvious lie that you told.

You should read the dumb bullshit you post.
You may not agree with her for being cautious as to the potential risks rather than the potential benefits, but it is her right to speak her mind.
Yeah peacegirl, you were just making shit up about the "main concern" in her article.
She may not have understood that the EMA and the FDA have different submission guidelines,
:lol: I guess she might just be ignorant. I mean, why would she need to understand stuff, right?

But yeah, I think it's completely likely that she doesn't understand or care about anything like that. I think it's more likely that she's just another fraud making a living on idiot anti-vaxxer rubes like you.
and that the EMA was given full approval to do studies on infants.
Yeah, peacegirl, as I have already said: the EMA doesn't conduct studies. Neither does the FDA. That is not their role. If you would like to learn more about this, I can give you some resources.
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