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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Moreover, the studies focus on one vaccine at a time and how well it is tolerated regardless of the cumulative effects of other vaccines (along with their adjuvants) that may come into play.
peacegirl, what facts support this conclusion? From what data is it derived? peacegirl, have you reviewed the clinical protocols for these studies? What were the endpoints of those studies? What were the inclusion and exclusion criteria? Did subjects receive concomitant vaccines? peacegirl, would you like some help answering these questions? (I'll give you a hint: you can find the answers in links I have already provided to you on this very page! Once again, I have done for you the due diligence that you are too ignorant and lazy to do on your own.)
Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Originally Posted by Chuck
peacegirl, do you agree that Andy Wakefield's study (among many other shortcomings, such as being an unethical medical experiment on children) was so small that it could not be a true sampling of the risk/benefit analysis?
You are constantly repeating this one mistake as if he killed someone. You are trying to justify your dislike of him and the punishment he got.
:lol: peacegirl, I know you hate it when I use emotive language about Andy Wakefield unethically experimenting on children. Do you ever wonder why I do that?

peacegirl, I will give you a hint: look at the headline of the article you posted.
Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Is the European Medical Agency Experimenting on Babies with the Meningitis Vaccine Only Approved for Age 10 and Above?

peacegirl, does this give you any insights into the way I talk about Andy Wakefield's unethical medical research on children?
His "ethical" mistake has nothing to do with his Lancet paper and why he felt more investigation needed to be done.
peacegirl, this is totally wrong. You should read the GMC determination. Wakefield's unethical conduct in connection with the Lancet paper are material and extensively addressed. It has a great deal to do with why he is a fraudulent quack who unethically experiments on children.
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