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Default Re: Fucking education! How does it work?

Originally Posted by Adamus Prime View Post
It's not as though anyone is restricting the freedom of parents to seek out education above and beyond the baseline for their children.
One notable exception being depriving a girl of an opportunity to sail around the fucking world! I mean, c'mon.

I also think part of where I'm not on the same page as some others is that I don't view education as being solely for the benefit of the individual being educated. I think there's social value in the levelling of the basic ciriculum across classes.
There sure is, and the current system is abused to handicap the smart and curious and turn them into the automatons that society wants and needs in order to be calm and orderly.

Originally Posted by Adamus Prime View Post
Also, don't you people know that my job is trolling and one liners and having an army of dopplegangers? WHY DO YOU KEEP STARTING SRS BSNS THRADS THAT I WANT TO RESPOND TO?
I know, right?
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