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Default Re: Fucking education! How does it work?

Originally Posted by Adamus Prime View Post
Note that I didn't really follow the story closely, so I don't know whether she was given the option to keep up with her education in some nonstandard way while sailing around the world or whatever. If not, then that's pretty stupid.
I think that the sailing trip itself would be the option to keep up with her education in some nonstandard way. Geography, astronomy, geometry, oceanography, meteorology, biology, fucking knot-tying, whatever logistics are involved in keeping herself fed and watered (I don't even know, never having done that specific thing myself). It's so much more than she could learn in the equivalent time spent in a classroom. Are you saying she should do math and english worksheets for an hour each night in her cabin in addition to all that?

I'll give you that it's unequal. The education she would receive in her months at sea is far better than what she would get in school, IMO. I do think public education is necessary for the more disadvantaged students who would have nothing else otherwise, but I am not comfortable with hobbling the better advantaged students to bring them down to the level of public education. If I'm wrong, and that is the right thing to do for society's sake if not the individual, then it is definitely nanny-state.
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