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I knew it. So hot at night you basically have to run the AC to sleep. Feedback Loopapalooza.

Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist

The average statewide July temperature was 77.9. This is 3.3 above the 1981–2010 mean and ranks as the 5th warmest since 1895. Eleven of the 20 warmest Julys have occurred since 2002 (Table 1). Southern NJ averaged 78.9 which is 3.2 above normal and ranks 6th warmest. The north averaged 76.4, some 3.6 above normal and 4th warmest (tied with 2013). The excessive humidity throughout most of the month led to nighttime temperatures ranked as the 2nd warmest on record statewide (67.4; tied with 2011), as a moist atmosphere inhibits the loss of the previous day’s heat during the overnight period.
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